The Great Bonobo Apes of Congo

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Bonobos have quite intriguing ways of approaching and solving fights. These peace-loving creatures essentially use their charms to pacify conflicts or to reconcile indifference.

For instance, if two bonobos were fighting, they would end up hugging or kissing each other, restoring harmony and peace to the tribe.

The behavior of bonobos towards sex is fascinating as well. In fact, a male bonobo inviting for food could also be inviting for sex. Male invite females, females invite males and other females.

Sex plays an important role in any bonobo’s society. The need to copulate is often displayed in various manners, displays, and genital contacts. In other words, bonobos are sexually active, and they get aroused pretty easily.

Earlier studies indicate that bonobos, unlike other creatures, has adapted the face-to-face copulation, much like what we humans do.

However, this early discovery was never recognized, not until the same findings resurfaced in the 70s. In fact, one out of three copulations was performed in humanlike mounting, which is amazing considering that chimps don’t adapt into such kind of position.

Other indicators include the willingness of the female bonobo to have sexual contact as indicated by its swelling pinkish genitals.

Genital rubbing between two adult bonobo females is also common, using special positions, resulting to squeals and grins. The same principle is also being practiced among male bonobos in different positions and variations.

Sex is indeed just part of bonobo’s day-to-day activities. While this often leaves an impression that they are the most “oversexed” species, but in their own world, they do it in a very relaxed and casual manner. Unlike in humans, bonobo’s sexual flares are rather quick, lasting only 13 seconds or less.

The excitement to food often results in sexual arousal. Or, some experts would rather believe that it’s due to competition. Whatever it is, the bonobo’s way to avoid conflict and fan out competition is to have sexual contact.

But bonobo’s sexual needs aren’t all related to food. For instance, out of jealousy, two male bonobos engage in a fight, and later on reunite, and perform genital-to-genital rubbing.

Routine activities resulting to petty misunderstandings that could have led to the use of force are literally calmed down using assurance or gestures of sex. Controlled studies have had these findings confirmed.

Sex as a means to pacify or diffuse conflicts is not unique to bonobos. However, bonobos seemed to understand how to incorporate sex as part of their natural social activities.

These peace-loving creatures have amazed scientists for years, which, if the same principles were to be applied to humans, suggest that coexistence not only exist on heterosexual partners.

Without a doubt, bonobo’s life cycle is truly interesting and at the same time intriguing. I wish to invite you to come to Africa and see them in the flesh.

Six Facts about Bonobo

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Up close and Personal with Congo’s Elusive Bonobo Apes

The rare Bonobo Apes are perhaps the only jungle dwellers far more mysterious than the ‘unreachable’ Iyaelima people that have lived in the very heart of Congo since the dawn of time.

To see these great apes in their natural habitat is a memory for a lifetime. Several efforts and expeditions are being carried out to understand and save both species.

What’s with the Bonobo?

Bonobos are by far human’s closest relative in terms of DNA profiles. In other words, we share many similarities from behavior, social skills, the use of tools to get food, and to work together to achieve a common goal.

Thus, these intelligent creatures were thought to have evolved and separated from the common chimps for at least 1 million years.

The Amazing Body Structure

The Bonobo Chimp’s body structures are extraordinarily amazing! They can bend or walk easily thanks to their shorter legs.

Like humans, they can walk in an upright position, but experts believed that this gesture uses a lot of power. Apparently, the movements are slow and limited in that setup.

As compared to other great apes, they are relatively lighter, so they can climb up and down trees easily, swing between branches, or cling without using too much power.

In spite of their limited four-foot tall heights, their upper bodies are extremely strong and tough. Such dexterity and finesse allowed them to survive from the common predators – the leopards and snakes.

Bonobo’s Social Structure

The females rule bonobo’s society. Female daughters leave the troop while the sons keep lifelong mother-son connection. The young female bonobo will soon regain her standing in the society once she gives birth.

These great apes are peace loving creatures, which, presumably, due to its female leaders. They are also quite sensitive to each other’s needs as shown by gestures and other forms of physical contact.

Definitely, Nests Aren’t For Birds Only

One interesting bonobo trait is their nest building. The nest building is a regular evening chore using intertwined twigs and leaves in the forks of the trees.

It turns out that these nests give them the necessary protection against their predators. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of each other, and to show compassion by sharing the nest between adult bonobos.

Dwindling Population

The bonobo’s existence has now entered the endangered species scale. Only a few of them are out in the wild. The destruction of their habitat by humans, unscrupulous harvesting for food, and selling their babies to pet trades has resulted in a massive decline in population.

Deforestation for logging and roads paved the way for easy access in capturing them, as well as other forest species. The Wild Animal Park and San Diego Zoo are the last frontiers for bonobo’s existence.

Since 1960, the conservation efforts remained strong ensuring our future generations to witness these intelligent creatures.

Why Bonobos are Worth a Visit?

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Bonobo, otherwise known as “Pygmy Chimp” or “Left Bank Chimp,” is not a monkey, but an ape. Here’s why.

Apes Aren’t Monkeys. What Are They?

Many people are still confused what the difference between an ape and a monkey is. Apes evolved from monkeys about 25 million years ago and since then, were dubbed as “super monkeys.” Humans, subsequently, became “super apes.” In short, apes are far more advanced in many attributes that of monkeys. The same analogy applies to us, humans. You get the idea. In addition, apes don’t have tails and have relatively large brain size compared to their counterparts.

Over the years, we’ve lost many ape species. The six remaining species are the siamang, gibbon, orangutan, chimpanzee, gorilla, and bonobo. Majority of them are found in the great lands of Africa and Southeast Asia.

One Last Great Discovery

In 1926, the last species of great apes, the bonobos, were discovered. It took nearly 300 years since the last great apes classification. The reason couldn’t be simpler, and that bonobos were living in a small but dwindling place on the left bank of the Congo River.

The bonobos and chimps are considered the human’s closest cousins. The odd yet remarkable social structure, behavior, and intelligence ability have allowed us to take a glance of the origin of our own species.

Bonobos can walk in an upright position gracefully. Though, still, walking on all fours is less tiring and an energy saver.

Bonobos Are Getting Extinct

It’s sad to know that few years from now, bonobos will go extinct. Unlike other endangered species, bonobos don’t have national parks where they can go roam freely and safely. The continued human hunting, poaching, and encroachment into their habitat were among the top reasons why their population has been steadily reducing.

Scientists who have been studying the impact of humans towards bonobos have been raising the red flags ever since that if the current conditions remain, these great apes will soon disappear right before our very eyes!

Come and See the Great Bonobos

If you love wildlife, Africa is the last place to be. This great land is bustling with thousands of animal species not found in any other regions on Earth. Africa is a place where you get to see all of them under one ticket.

I’m inviting everyone to come to this place and see the bonobos in real life. My staff and I will create a special tour package to guarantee that your expectations are met.

Rwanda Foreign Minister Dismisses Claims About M23 Rebels

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UNITED NATIONS — Rwanda’s foreign minister on Monday dismissed claims that senior security officials are supporting the rebellion in the eastern Congo, saying that her country is being used as a “scapegoat” for its neighbor’s bloody conflict.

Louise Mushikiwabo denied allegations that high-ranking defense and military officials are aiding the rebellion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The claims were reported by Reuters, which quoted a recent closed briefing by the U.N. Group of Experts to a U.N. sanctions committee.

“Of course, Rwanda’s top army leadership in no way would be involved in destroying the peace they have been working very hard to build,” Mushikiwabo said at a news conference, citing Rwanda’s capture of Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda that led a 2009 peace agreement in the D.R.C.

“So far we have had report after report of allegations, but evidence has been very hard to come by,” she said.

Last week, the Congolese government sent a letter to the U.N. Security Council complaining of Rwandan involvement in its conflict.

Mushikiwabo defended Rwanda’s nomination by the African Union for a temporary spot on the Security Council, which has drawn criticism from some human rights groups. Mushikiwabo said Congo is creating a distraction and Rwanda is being made into a “scapegoat” for its neighbor’s internal problems.

An interim report submitted Friday by the U.N. Group of Experts makes no mention of the claims that Rwanda is supporting the rebels in the Congo.

Eastern Congo has been engulfed in fighting since the 1994 Rwanda genocide, in which at least 500,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered by Hutu militias before a Tutsi-led rebel army took power. More than a million Hutus fled across the border into the Congo, and Rwanda twice invaded to take action against Hutu militias.

The most recent wave of violence flared when a new rebel group known as M23, who were former rebels from the Tutsi ethnic group linked to Gen.

Bosco Ntaganda, claimed that they weren’t being paid and that the government had failed to hold up their end of the 2009 peace deal that integrated them into the army.

Ntaganda is wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court and had been living freely and wearing the stripes of a Congolese army general but is now being pursued by the government.

The Congolese military launched an offensive in April against the M23 mutineers.

Last month, the United Nations said that 11 people claiming to be defectors from the new Congolese rebel group turned up at a U.N. peacekeeping base saying they were Rwandans who thought they were being recruited for the Rwandan army.

At the time, Mushikiwabo dismissed as “categorically false and dangerous” claims that Rwandans recruited and trained for the Rwandan army had instead been transferred to eastern Congo to fight for the rebels.

The Security Council on June 15 called for a “full investigation of credible reports of outside support to the armed groups” in Congo.

On Monday, Mushikiwabo warned that some websites and media linked to Congolese government were spreading bigotry against Rwandans.

“This is very reminiscent of the rhetoric just before the genocide in 1994,” she said.

Congo Gorilla and Nyiragongo Trek 2021

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Congo gorilla treks are exceptional in a way that travelers have a chance to meet and interact with two gorilla species unlike in other destination. Gorilla trekking can be done in Virunga National Park for mountain gorillas or eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park. Also, the two gorilla tours can be combined to ensure a more magical gorilla encounter.

The Virunga National Park can be accessed from Kisoro town in Southwestern Uganda. Kisoro town (Nearby town to the Boarder) is 2-3 hour drive from Kigali in Rwanda, and 6-8 hours from Kampala (Uganda’s Capital). The gorilla trekking rules and regulations in Congo are similar to those in Uganda and Rwanda and travelers must follow to ensure successful and peaceful encounters.

Congo’s Virunga National Park is home to 8 habituated gorilla families available for tracking all year round. Just like all 3 locations in central and East Africa where gorilla tourism takes place, gorilla trekking in Congo is a strictly run gorilla conservation project based on gorilla protection and safety. The guide, trackers, armed guards (to protect against threatening elephants) and porters lead visitors to where a family of the gorillas is located. Gorilla Permits into Congo cost $400 Per Person, which today stands as the cheapest option to see gorillas in their natural habitat.

Eastern lowland gorillas are peaceful and quiet apes – They can bark, roar or scream when the need arises. Gorillas never attack or become aggressive without provocation. The males may fight over females once in a while but only occasionally. Gorillas communicate using a variety of sounds or body language. They spend their day grooming, climbing, swinging on tree tops and playfully chasing each other. Their diet consists of leaves, stems, fruit and shrubs. They live in groups that are led by a dominant silverback. The other males in the group can choose to live as bachelor in the group before hopefully taking over from the dominant silverback or leave to find mates.

Mount Nyiragongo is a magnificent active volcano that features the world’s largest lava lake making it one of the few volcanoes in Africa that offers some of the top hiking and climbing possibilities. Standing as one of the great geological mysteries in the history of volcanic expedition is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo inside the greater Virunga National park  about 20kms north of the town of Goma and lake Kivu just on the western border of Rwanda. Goma is lies on the northern shores of Lake Kivu only one kilometer from the Rwandan border next to the town of Gisenyi.

The beautiful strato volcano is famous for persistent active volcanic activity in its huge crater lake on top of the summit any volcanic enthusiast would look no further but to peer down into the churning lava lake and see, hear hot gases exploding up gives you a chance of rare photography. Although predictable and safe for tourists, the time required to reach the summit depends on the normal fitness of each group of visitors. The topography changes in stages right through the climb, thick jungle filled with very big ant colonies and open out trees that house some reptiles.

The volcano’s forested lower slopes are a home to a variety of animals such as the bush bucks, the blue monkeys, colobus monkeys and baboons including man’s closest ape the chimpanzees offer a thrilling opportunity to experience the far-reaching views of the western arm of the Albertine rift while emerging up to the ascent of a 1.2 km diameter summit teemed with devoid vegetation of heather and ferns recovering from the remarkable violent volcanic eruptions.

How to Access Mikeno Lodge

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Mikeno Lodge offers accommodation of 12 unique bungalows. It is a luxurious facility tucked deep in Africa’s oldest most diverse national park, Virunga National Park.

The park is famous for its astonishing inhabitants, the endangered mountain gorillas, which annually attract mammoth number of tourists from all over the globe.

Many tourists and travelers enjoy spending their time with these great apes which are only found in three countries and four national parks, including Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park.

However, due to some instability in Virunga National Park, tourists have been restricted from visiting this Park until further notice. Good news is that the park is now reopened for visitors but not it entirely.

In fact, Mikeno Lodge is the only secure accommodation in the park and it’s only this lodge that will arrange for you the gorilla expeditions in the only authorized region of the Park to trek from.

Booking through a trusted tour operator, your tour operator will contact Mikeno Lodge instantly after sending in your invoice.

Therefore, trips to take include the Le Petit Mikeno with the mountain gorilla trekking experience in Democratic Republic of Congo, Virunga, is the cheapest and so unique; in that you will also have a great opportunity of visiting the orphan gorillas in the world’s only Mountain Gorilla Orphanage – the Senkwekwe Centre, just a stone’s throw away from the luxurious Mikeno Lodge.

The lodge’s beauty is aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye; fashioned with lava stone and mahogany. All its 12 bungalows offer commanding views of the surrounding forest and the eye-catching Virunga Volcanoes.

Meanwhile, below is how you can access the Mikeno Lodge ahead of your gorilla excursions in DR Congo’s Virunga National Park.

Accessibility of Mikeno Lodge:

The lodge is distanced only a one hour’s drive from Goma, making it easier to be accessed from Goma. However, within DR Congo you can fly into the Goma Airport with TMK Air Commuter, Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation, Wimbi Dira Airways, and Hewa Bora Airways.

Outside of DR Congo, you can fly into Kigali, Rwanda, with Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air Ugandan, Lufthansa Airlines, and RwandAir Express.

In your hired private car, from your trusted tour operator, you will drive from Kigali to Gisenyi/Goma which takes almost 3 hours.

Then from Goma, you will further drive for an hour to access the prestigious Mikeno Lodge. Immediately after arriving at the lodge, you will be given a warm welcome from the very delightful and friendly staff of the lodge.

The beauty of Virunga will start revealing to you from the lodge and you will spot very many bird species and animals while having a sun downer, such as the different monkey species that you will see playing from tree to tree – what a way to start off your stay at the lodge!!!

More so, traveling in a private vehicle is quicker and more convenient on any African trip than in the public transport.

Therefore, you are advised to book/hire a private car from your trusted tour operator that you will use for transportation and this will give you a lot of independence and flexibility while on a trip.

There are very many types of vehicles offered and the rates of course vary according to the car type you want to take.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in DR Congo

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The Democratic Republic of Congo, in the Sub-Saharan Central parts of Africa, is one of the most ideal destinations for honeymooners.

The country comprises of various places where couples on their honeymoons can opt for however, the following are some of the best and perfect places to opt for;

Virunga National Park

This is known as the oldest national park in the African continent and it is one of the only four Parks in the whole world where one can enjoy the interesting activity of trekking the rare endangered mountain gorillas.

Trekking of the endangered mountain gorillas is one of the most challenging activities as one will need to hike and search them in the thick forests of Virunga but trust me it is one of those activities you should ever get involved into at least once in life.

Though the activity is a bit challenging, the experience you get out of it is of a lifetime that you will not forget easily.

The trekking will take like 4 to 6 hours while searching for the gorillas, depending on where they spent their last night, and for that case, it means that you can also find the gorillas within less than that estimated time.

Once you meet the gorillas, you will have a face to face view of these great apes for only one hour. In that one hour you will be enjoying various behaviors of the gorillas plus taking as many photos as you can for great memories.

Couples on their honeymoon will definitely enjoy their time in Virunga National Park while enjoying and achieving a lifetime experience of trekking the endangered mountain gorillas as well as hiking the Nyiragongo Volcano.

Virunga’s top activities are; gorilla trekking, and the two days Nyiragongo hiking which will enable you meet the world’s largest lava lake resided at the summits of the volcano.

In order for you to enjoy these two interesting activities, you need to contact a reliable local tour agency in advance such as Eco Tours Congo to organize your honeymoon safari thoroughly well for you to attain memorable escapades.

The agency will therefore book for you the Nyiragongo hike permit and the Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permit which you will need to possess in order for you to get involved in the two joyous activities in Virunga.

Arguably a Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permit is the cheapest of all costing only US$ 400 as compared to those in Uganda and Rwanda, which also protect the rare endangered mountain gorillas, where their gorilla permits cost US$ 600 (in Uganda) and US$ 1500 (in Rwanda).

The Nyiragongo hike permit costs US$ 300 for you to be able get the stunning views of the bubbling lava lake at the summits of Nyiragongo Volcano.

Besides mountain gorilla trekking and Nyiragongo hiking, there are also many other enjoyable activities that couples will enjoy during their honeymoon safari, and these include; chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, spectacular views of Nyamuragira volcano (one of the most active volcanoes in Africa), and game viewing, among others.

Kahuzi Biega National Park

This is also an ideal honeymoon destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Whoever is planning for a honeymoon safari in the Democratic Republic of Congo should put Kahuzi-Biega as one of his/her top destinations to choose from.

The Park lies within a close proximity to the town of Bukavu in the eastern province of Democratic Republic of Congo, near the western bank of Lake Kivu and Rwanda border.

The Park is set in both mountainous and lowland terrains, and the most enjoyable activity in the Park is also gorilla trekking as it is in Virunga though the only difference here is that trekkers will be trekking the eastern lowland gorillas ahead of mountain gorillas.

The eastern lowland gorillas are not by far different to the mountain gorillas but there are ‘’of course’’ various characters that differentiate the two types of gorillas.

Therefore, it is always a great feeling if at all you not only trek the mountain gorillas in Virunga but also go on to trek the lowland gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega for great memorable escapades.

It will therefore be a great opportunity to couples who will choose to take their honeymoon safari in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as they will be able to trek both the endangered mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas, of which Democratic Republic of Congo is the only country where these two gorilla types can be trekked at ago.

The price for a Democratic Republic of Congo gorilla permit remains constant (US$ 400), whether you are to trek the mountain gorillas or the eastern lowland gorillas.

However besides trekking the lowland gorillas, there are also many other wildlife species that you will view during your game viewing, such as; eastern chimpanzees, bush buffaloes, and bush elephants, among others plus a myriad of bird species.

How to Get to Virunga Park, DR Congo

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There are various ways of getting to Virunga National Park, each of which has a different cost implication with the normal options being road, air and water transports.

The southern sector (Gorillas and Volcano) of Virunga National Park is easily accessible in a number of different ways, the most common being; Overland via Uganda where you cross the border in Bunagana, from where the mountain gorilla sites Jomba and Bikenge are easily accessible within 1 hour.

The border crossing is easy, and a local visa can be bought at the border for only US$50, however this visa is not a fully recognized visa and can only be used to visit the park and subsequently leaving the country at the Bunagana border post again.

Virunga can also be accessed by overland via Rwanda where you cross the border at Gisenyi/Goma, the border crossing is easy if you prearranged a visa.

If not it will be difficult or expensive (US$280 if bought at the border); Guests can also fly into Goma, from within the Democratic Republic of Congo many flights connect to Goma, from outside the DRC, Entebbe is the only city connected by TMK.

Once again make sure you have a prearranged visa. Today tourists visiting the Virunga National Park or Kahuzi Biega National Park for Congo gorilla tours can get the tourist visa through the reliable tour operators like the Eco Tours Congo and this is acquired after you have made the payment of the safari in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Accessing Virunga by road;

Most of DR Congo’s gorilla trekkers fly to Kigali International Airport (in Rwanda) and take the 5 hours’ drive to cross the border at Gisenyi/Goma.

Since some of the international flights arrive to Kigali in the late afternoons and evenings, guests are emphasized to spend the night in Kigali, for such arrivals, because the border doesn’t work 24/7.

After spending the night in one of Kigali’s best hotels, you will then leave the city in the following morning to Goma.

Your tour agency will help you in the process of getting for you a tourist visa that will enable you cross the border to Goma.

On road, it takes 4 hours driving from Kigali city to Gisenyi, the nearest town to Goma, and after crossing the border it takes on only one hour and 30 minutes driving to reach the Virunga Park’s headquarters (Bukima).

For those coming from Uganda it is a bit tiresome to cross as the guest may beg for an overnight stay in Kisoro and then cross to DR Congo in the following morning via Bunagana border and take the 30 minutes’ drive to the Park’s headquarters.

However for you to be hired a 4×4 safari vehicle, you should owe a valid driving permit or else you should order for an experienced driver-guide from your tour company/agency that will have organized your safari.

Driving conditions and standards are well below those in Europe and USA, and traffic accidents are common due to the country’s poor roads, thus it is recommendable for you to order for an experienced driver-guide who has a glance about the bad-conditioned roads.

Roads in Goma are however well maintained but outside Goma and other main cities in Congo, most roads are barely drivable even with the 4×4 vehicles, worse during the rainy season.

Accessing Virunga Park via Air;

Guests can also enter Virunga by air whereby they will land at the Goma International Airport. Though it was affected by the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano in 2002, Goma has acted as the main airport and it was re-developed to boost tourism in the eastern parts of Congo, with the most international airline flying there once ever week being Ethiopian Airlines.

However, guests should take note that return flights have to be got from Rwanda unless when the stay is for 7 days or more. There is also an added tax of US$ 50 for all travelers flying out from Goma.

Some of the important points to consider while accessing Virunga may include;

-Traveling overland can be rough and thus 4×4 safari vehicles are recommendable to use though it is also not advisable to drive at night while crossing the borders to Goma.

-Travelers should also have valid yellow fever vaccinations and confirmed.

-Make sure that all of your paper work is finished in order to satisfy the custom and immigration staff, especially at the quiet borders, which there may be a considerable wait.

Where to Go Lowland Gorillas in Africa

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Gorillas are a unique creature which everyone would wish to visit but there are rarely seen and mostly found in western, Eastern and central part of Africa.

Gorillas are grouped to be ground dwelling apes which are herbivorous in nature feeding on stem, foliage, shoot mostly young bamboo, tree leaves and some fruits.

These apes are divided into species named Mountain gorillas and Lowland gorillas which are further divided into sub species named Eastern lowland gorillas, Western lowland gorillas and more.

Gorillas usually live in group named “Troop” which comprises of both female and male members and always led by the old dominant silver back, they usually live in temporary small huts constructed out of tree branches, leaves and more.

Very interested in seeing the shy endangered Lowland Gorillas here is the only destination in Africa where you can find these species. Democratic Republic of Congo in Central part of the African Continent is where these Lowland Gorillas are residents.

Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the biggest destinations located in the Central part of the African continent bordering Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania in the East, Central African Republic and South Sudan in the North.

In the past this country was known to be with high rate of insecurities caused by rebels but this was resolved by the government of Democratic Republic of Congo and other international peace keeping organizations like United Nations, it is currently more stable and secure hence boosting high rates of Tourism.

As Democratic Republic of Congo’s air transport systems are not in existence you can better access it by landing in Rwanda at Kigali airport and transfer to up to Goma border where you will cross from after clearing with officials at the border but it requires you to apply for Congo visa in advance before you’re traveling dates because it is processed within one week, this visa is a major requirement when you reach borders.

From border you will be transferred by the Virunga Safari jeeps up to your hotel of residence, mostly it’s advised you arrange your safari to Congo with a local tour operator like Eco Tours Uganda as there are more informed and they will help you in booking all this safari logistics which include Visa, accommodation and all transportation with Virunga.

Where to find Lowland Gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo?

In the Central part of the African Continent Lowland Gorillas are only found in Democratic Republic of Congo which has two major destinations most visited named Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park, Lowland Gorilla species in Democratic Republic of Congo are found in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

It’s a protected area near Bukavu town in Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo and it’s also near the western bank of Lake Kivu & Rwanda border, it covers about 6000km2 of Area and rated to be one of the biggest National Parks in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lowland Gorillas are very big and huge when compared to the mountain gorillas, brownish in color with black mouth and tailess; these apes feed on young bamboo shoot, stem, foliage, leaves and some fruits.

They use temporary small huts constructed out of tree branches and leaves for shelter, gorillas live in groups named “Troops” which are always led by the dominant male Silver backs.

Reaching Kahuzi Biega National Park is via Bukavu and activity done is Lowland gorilla trekking safari which involves visiting the jungle in search of these Lowland Gorillas (after a briefing from the park officials about the dos and don’ts while in the presence of these apes) very excited to see them feeding, playing with young ones, laughing and taking photos of them for memories.

You are assigned a park ranger to lead you through the jungle when trekking, after discovering location of these apes in the jungle you are allowed to stay in their presence for only one hour and after that session you vacate the place to give room to these apes such that they can continue with their day to day work.

For an amazing and discoverable Lowland gorilla trekking safari in Africa do not miss out visiting Democratic Republic of Congo which is strategically located in the Central part of the African Continent.

Ultimate Gorilla Tours in East and Central Africa

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Nature Adventure Uganda is all about incredible gorilla tour and wildlife adventures.

We plan, organize and implement bespoke gorilla safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo all designed to meet our clients’ travel expectations.

Also, we are a one stop shop for exceptional gorilla tours and wildlife safaris in East Africa offering memorable affordable holiday packages which leave our price sensitive travelers happy to travel with us again and again.

Our ultimate gorilla trekking tours take you deep to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Virunga national park in DR Congo.

Our ultimate gorilla trekking tours take you deep to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Volcanoes in Rwanda, Mgahinga Gorilla and Virunga national park in DR Congo.

It offers the most incredible and affordable gorilla trekking safaris in east and central Africa. Our professional driver guides guarantee travelers safe and comfortable transport to all tourism spots all over Africa.

Visit the prime gorilla tour and wildlife safari destinations in different corners of Uganda after which Sir Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the Pearl of Africa.

No comprehensive description can explain the natural beauty of Uganda. Meeting face to face with the critically endangered mountain gorillas on your gorilla safari in the tropical rain forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga in south western Uganda.

Any Rwanda safari without gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park is undeniably incomplete. Fortunately, Rwanda the land of a thousand hills offer travelers with a less physically demanding and accessible gorilla safari holiday in east and central Africa.

Small green mountainous rolling into infinity offer visitors with beautiful sceneries on their journeys to enjoy gorilla treks in the jungles of Volcanoes national park in the north eastern province of Rwanda.

To make Rwanda gorilla tours easy, 10 gorilla families have been habituated in Volcanoes national park open to travelers.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of three destinations housing the world’s endangered mountain gorillas residing in Virunga national park.

The Virunga park covers Congo’ share of the Virunga Conservation area together with Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

Gorilla trekking in Congo is relatively cheap compared to Uganda at 600usd and Rwanda at 1500usd. A single gorilla permit in Congo costs 400usd for an hour’s interaction which makes Congo a best gorilla tour destination for budget traveler.

Congo Gorilla Treks are conducted in different Gorilla groups that have been habituated in the Virunga National Park which include Kabirizi gorilla family, Lulengo gorilla family, Rugendo gorilla family, Humba gorilla family, Mapuwa gorilla group, Nyakamwe gorilla group, Munyaga gorilla family and Bageni gorilla family.