Why Bonobos are Worth a Visit?

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Bonobo, otherwise known as “Pygmy Chimp” or “Left Bank Chimp,” is not a monkey, but an ape. Here’s why.

Apes Aren’t Monkeys. What Are They?

Many people are still confused what the difference between an ape and a monkey is. Apes evolved from monkeys about 25 million years ago and since then, were dubbed as “super monkeys.” Humans, subsequently, became “super apes.” In short, apes are far more advanced in many attributes that of monkeys. The same analogy applies to us, humans. You get the idea. In addition, apes don’t have tails and have relatively large brain size compared to their counterparts.

Over the years, we’ve lost many ape species. The six remaining species are the siamang, gibbon, orangutan, chimpanzee, gorilla, and bonobo. Majority of them are found in the great lands of Africa and Southeast Asia.

One Last Great Discovery

In 1926, the last species of great apes, the bonobos, were discovered. It took nearly 300 years since the last great apes classification. The reason couldn’t be simpler, and that bonobos were living in a small but dwindling place on the left bank of the Congo River.

The bonobos and chimps are considered the human’s closest cousins. The odd yet remarkable social structure, behavior, and intelligence ability have allowed us to take a glance of the origin of our own species.

Bonobos can walk in an upright position gracefully. Though, still, walking on all fours is less tiring and an energy saver.

Bonobos Are Getting Extinct

It’s sad to know that few years from now, bonobos will go extinct. Unlike other endangered species, bonobos don’t have national parks where they can go roam freely and safely. The continued human hunting, poaching, and encroachment into their habitat were among the top reasons why their population has been steadily reducing.

Scientists who have been studying the impact of humans towards bonobos have been raising the red flags ever since that if the current conditions remain, these great apes will soon disappear right before our very eyes!

Come and See the Great Bonobos

If you love wildlife, Africa is the last place to be. This great land is bustling with thousands of animal species not found in any other regions on Earth. Africa is a place where you get to see all of them under one ticket.

I’m inviting everyone to come to this place and see the bonobos in real life. My staff and I will create a special tour package to guarantee that your expectations are met.

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