Gorilla Photography and Nyiragongo Hike in Congo

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This safari starts with gorilla trekking in Kahuzi – Beiga national park where you will enter into the forest and start the search of habituated Eastern lowland gorillas for about 5 hours. Once you find the gorillas, spend one hour with the gorilla’s taking photographs and watching these gorillas as they go on with their daily activities in the forest.

The park is mainly composed of swamp and bog vegetation, marshland and riparian forests on hydromorphic ground at all altitudes. Much of the forest in Kahuzi-Biega national park is characterized by continuous vegetation from the summit of the mountains to the lowland regions. A corridor connects the highland section of the national park to the lowland section of the park.

Embark on gorilla trekking safari in Virunga national park: Have your breakfast in the morning, then be driven to Bukima police post for a briefing about all the necessary information that you need before penetrating the forest for a gorilla trekking walk. After the briefing, you will start the search of endangered mountain gorillas through different trails until you find them. Spend an hour with them which is the maximum time allowed with almost all primate species during trekking. In this one hour, you are free to take photographs and watch the gorillas as they move on roaming the forest in search of food. Trek back to Bukima where you will be picked and returned to your respective lodges for a relaxed evening, dinner, and overnight.

Enjoy the feeling of standing on the edge of a gigantic volcanic crater and staring at the red-hot bubbling lava lake that cannot be captured with a camera.

The most tiresome element are volcanic rocks that wobble under your feet but there is also the sheer distance and altitude factor. The good news is that you will not be in hurry. The trek is timed in a way that allows even a slow person to make it. You might take 7 hours instead of 4 but you will reach the crater and then have a night of rest before the descent. Your legs may hurt for some days afterwards but you will be fine.

You get a full body workout if you use two walking sticks actively on the way up. You don’t have to be old or have bad knees to use these things! Local artisans make hand-made wooden sticks for purchase right there at the base of the mountain. They are very artistic, with burnt-in etched designs.

Since your Nyiragongo hiking follows gorilla tracking, forget the idea that your ‘waterproof’ hiking boots will actually stay dry inside. The gorilla trail can turn into mud and your shoes will get that mud all over them, not just the soles. If you have the luxury of bringing two pairs go for it, or use the old trick of inserting plastic bags as a barrier between your socks and shoes to bring some relief when you set out to climb the volcanic marvel.

It is going to be freezing up there. Bring twice as many layers of clothes as you think you might need, and then some more. Pack some warm gloves for sure, and ideally pack an extra pair. The same apply to socks.

Top Places To Visit in Kigali, Rwanda

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Kigali is among the cleanest cities in Africa. It consists of innumerable attractions such as the 1994 Genocide Sites, various museums, and national parks, among others. The city is therefore an ideal one for the city tours as there are many to discover. Take a look in some of the best destinations to visit during your city tours in Kigali, Rwanda.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Site

Kigali Genocide Memorial Site is one of the six major sites in Rwanda that commemorates the bloody 1994 Rwandan Genocide, others which include; Murambi, Ntarama, Nyamata, Bisesero, and Nyarubuye memorial sites, which you can also visit too. Kigali Genocide Memorial Site is also known as Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site and from this site you will be able to see touching videos and photos as well as hearing the stories all which narrate the horrifying 1994 Rwandan Genocide. You will be able to see the bones and skulls plus the remains of the victims of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.


Kigali comprises of various museums that you can visit while on the city tour and some of them include; Presidential Palace Museum, Kandt House Museum, Kigali Art Museum, Campaign Against Genocide Museum, and Inema Arts Centre, among others.

Volcanoes National Park

Located in northwestern Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park is just a two and half hours’ drive from the city centre of Kigali – Rwanda’s capital city. The Park is globally known for its unique residents – the rare endangered mountain gorillas. The Park along with Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks in Uganda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo are the only refuges for these gentle giant apes.

Volcanoes National Park is under the Virunga massif which comprises of the largest number of mountain gorillas (600-plus mountain gorillas) in the whole world. The massif consists of three different national parks; Volcanoes in Rwanda plus its companions – Mgahinga in Uganda and Virunga in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Therefore, while on your Kigali city tours, do not miss out a visit to one of the popular national parks in Africa. The major attraction in the Park is of course gorilla trekking. There are 12 habituated mountain gorilla families in Volcanoes which trekkers are able to interact with during their expeditions. The gorilla trekking expeditions start very early in the morning (08:30 am) but you are advised to reach the Park headquarters before that time such that you attend the briefings first.

At the Park headquarters, after being briefed, you will be given the type of gorilla family that you will specifically trek. The trekking is done in groups of 8 individuals per trekking group and it will last for almost two and a half hours to see the gorillas. After meeting the gorillas, you are only allowed to spend one hour with them and keep a distance of at least 7 meters away while viewing them, all in all you are guaranteed with boundless memories that you will carry back home with.

However, if on your city tours you wish to visit the gorillas in their natural habitats, you are advised to book in advance with your tour agency such that it books your gorilla permit earlier and you don’t get inconveniences.

The gorilla permit in Rwanda costs US$ 1500 but I still insist on advance booking because the permits are on a very high demand in Rwanda since Volcanoes is the only gorilla park you can visit within one day as it is very close to the city centre contrary to other parks which are really located in remote areas – hence most trekkers want to enjoy their gorilla expeditions here as the Park is time saving and you don’t get tired driving long distances and on poor roads. The roads accessing Volcanoes from Kigali are very clean and tarmac.

You can also visit the Akagera National Park in Rwanda which is also a 2 and half hours’ drive from the city centre. Here you will be able to view all Africa’s big five Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Rhinos, and the Cape buffaloes.

You will not only get a chance to spot the popular big five in one specific Park but you are also guaranteed with a huge discount on the gorilla permit if you are to visit both Volcanoes and Akagera National Parks at once during your safari in Rwanda. And instead of paying US$ 1500 for the gorilla permit, you will then pay US$ 1050.

Gorilla Trekking In Kahuzi Biega National Park

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Kahuzi-Biega National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, inscribed in 1980 for its unique biodiversity of rain forest habitat and its eastern lowland gorillas. With an area of 6,000 square kilometers (2,300 sq. mi), Kahuzi-Biega is one of the biggest national parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It stands in both mountainous and lowland terrain, and it is one of the last refuges of the rare species of Eastern lowland gorilla. The park was established in 1970 by the Belgian photographer and conservationist ‘’Adrien Deschryver’’.

Kahuzi-Biega National Park was named so after its two dormant volcanoes, Mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega, which are within its limits. The park is located near Bukavu town, South Kivu Province, in the eastern parts of Democratic Republic of the Congo, and close to the western bank of Lake Kivu and the Rwandan border.

It is one of the mostly visited national parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo, only next to Virunga National Park, and the park is most popular for its inhabitance of the eastern lowland gorillas. For those willing to do gorilla safaris are emphasized to access the park’s headquarters very early in the morning for registration and briefing about Kahuzi-Biega National Park gorilla trekking, as it is somehow different from gorilla trekking in Virunga.

The trekking of gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega might take 2-6 hours and after the activity, trekkers will then return to their designated accommodations for supper and the overnight. To book for gorilla trekking in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, lowland gorilla trekking in Democratic Republic of Congo, you should contact one of the most expert tour agencies in Africa which have a great experience in gorilla safaris, such as Eco tours Congo among others. The agency will be the one to purchase for you the gorilla permit, Congo Tourist Visa, full board accommodation, and the transportation with a 4×4 wheel drive. However, travelers are always advised to book in advance for proper planning of your safari and not to get disappointments.

Unlike in Rwanda and Uganda whereby travelers are offered gorilla safaris for viewing strictly the mountain gorillas, Congo safaris are very unique as trekkers will view the mountain gorillas in Virunga national park and then head to Kahuzi-Biega National Park for another great experience of trekking the Eastern lowland gorillas and at the most affordable price. A Congo gorilla trekking permit costs only US$ 400, thus making it the most affordable destination than any other gorilla destination.

Lowland gorilla trekking in Kahuzi-Biega national park starts with a briefing by the park rangers/guides at the Tshivanga Visitor Centre. The talk will briefly cover the history, topography and a few facts about the family you are to visit in the park. The guide will also encompass how to conduct oneself when you encounter gorillas shortly before you embark on the trek. The journey starts thereof as you pursue the trails into the jungle.

This can take up to an hour before you encounter the gorillas as they are always moving. Basically, the young gorillas will be the first to be sighted by the trekkers and once you see the baby gorillas, be sure to also view the male gorilla as it will be near to ensure that you are no threat to its territory. After the silver back (male gorilla) verifies that you are not a threat, then the magical activity of watching the great apes starts lasting up to an hour long.

You can experience it better as you capture that great shot of the gorillas for remembrance/memorable moments while in the Park, and to show your friends and family back home such that they too get the urge to set out for their own Congo gorilla safari.

Where to stay in Kahuzi-Biega National Park? Would you like to be a Park’s visitor and you are wondering where to sleep while enjoying the trekking of eastern lowland gorillas? Here are some of the best accommodations in Kahuzi-Biega; Orchid’s safari club (luxury), Coco lodge (mid-range), and Hotel Begonias (budget), among others.

Gorilla Watching Tours in DR Congo

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Gorilla watching in Democratic Republic of Congo is quite more affordable as compared to gorilla tours in other gorilla trekking countries. For any traveler to go gorilla trekking in the thick forests of Virunga should owe a gorilla trekking permit which costs only US$ 400, cheaper than Uganda and Rwanda gorilla permits which cost US$ 700 and US$ 1500 respectively.

There are various local tour agencies that will help you in booking and purchasing for you a gorilla permit on your behalf while you are still in your home country and on your arrival in Congo is when the permit will be handed over to you. However, travelers (gorilla trekkers) are always advised to book in advance to avoid inconveniences because these gorilla permits can get finished quickly especially during the high season when very many travelers invade Congo to enjoy this memorable activity. Therefore, it is advisable for you to book earlier before your actual day for the gorilla safari in order not to get disappointed. Some of the best tour agencies you should opt to book and make your gorilla safari in Congo include the Eco Tours Congo managed by Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited and among others.

The agency will not only purchase a gorilla permit on your behalf, but also do all the needs for your gorilla watching safari to be more enjoyable and memorable. It will book for you a better accommodation out of the Park’s many accommodations which include; Mikeno lodge, Kibumba tented camp, Lulimbi tented camp, Tchegera Island camp, and Bukima tented camp, among others. Whether you want a luxury or Budget safari, the agency will be delighted to work with you and make your safari an exceptional one.

Budget travelers should not even get worried of getting out-dated facilities as any of the above tour agencies will make sure that it makes your safari look like a luxury one though it is budget. The agencies offer good quality vehicles for both the budget travelers and luxury travelers such as; V8, VX, and Extended Land Cruisers with pop-up roofs for the luxury travelers, well as budget travelers can opt for Safari Vans, Super Customs, and others but all the vehicles are 4×4 and are in good conditions to make your safari wonderful!

Gorilla trekking in Virunga national park is done in the Bukima sector for all the Park’s 8 gorilla families, which are; Nyakamwe, Humba, Kabirizi, Bageni, Munyaga, Rugendo, Mapuwa, and Lulengo. The Park is home to over 200 mountain gorillas and gorilla trekkers will be allowed to spend one hour with the gorillas while viewing them, thus equipping a lifetime experience.

The trekkers will be given expert tour guides to escort them in the jungle to trek these rare endangered primates. Gorilla trekking is done in groups of eight individuals per trekking group and will be allowed to spend strictly one hour with the gorillas.

While viewing the gorillas, trekkers should keep a certain distance away from the primates (at least 7 meters away) for the well being of the gorillas because they can catch some human diseases if at all the trekkers are infected, and the fact being that these gorillas are wild animals and you never know what will happen to you next when you go so close to them.

Gorillas are very friendly to humans and thus trekkers will really enjoy their time with them. You will take as many photos of gorillas as you can for memorable moments however, flashlight cameras are prohibited to be used while taking the gorilla photos and hence if your camera has a flashlight light, you will be emphasized to switch it off because that light can scare the gorillas.

Other gorillas in Congo can be trekked from Kahuzi Biega National Park, which is also found in the same region with Virunga National Park (eastern region of Congo). However, the gorillas in this park are not mountain gorillas and they are instead known as ‘’eastern low-land gorillas’’.

Compare Mountain & Lowland Gorillas in DR Congo

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Democratic Republic of Congo is such a big country located in the Central part of the African Continent. It is one of the biggest of countries in Africa; it borders South Sudan and Central African Republic in the North, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania in the East, Angola, Gabon in the West, and Zambia in the South.

Democratic Republic of Congo is mostly known for its Mountain and lowland Gorillas plus the burning Volcano known as Mountain Nyiragongo. Lowland Gorillas are only found in Democratic Republic of Congo and this makes Democratic Republic of Congo to be Unique.

Mountain Gorillas in Virunga

When you cross to Democratic Republic of Congo the Shy endangered Mountain Gorillas are only found in Virunga National Park. Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo is rated to be the oldest National Park in Africa formerly called the Albertine National park covering about 7800km2 of area stretching from the Virunga Mountains in the southern part to the Rwenzori mountains in the Northern region. It habits a wide range of primates like Monkeys, Chimpanzee, Gorillas plus different bird species to be sighted. Therefore, tourists visiting Africa for gorilla tours do not miss to visit both the parks in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mountain Gorillas are huge ground dwelling apes black in color and tailless, they are herbivorous in nature thus feeding on leaves, stem, foliage, fruits and more. They have characteristics which are nearly similar to those of human beings but they tend to be more shy in presence of human beings. They usually also have sex and produce young ones; these apes live in huts which are constructed out of tree leaves and branches for shelter by the Male apes.

These Gorillas usually live in a group called a troop and usually it’s headed by a Silver back. Silver back is usually an old male Gorilla with brownish hair at the back and it’s usually responsible for protecting its members in the troop, directing them through the jungle and looking for food to be shared with the Female apes and the young ones. The Silver back has the right to disqualify some of its members in the troop who are bad behaving and not going by the rules and directions. Gorillas have a lifespan of between 35 and 40 years.

Usually when in the Jungle for Gorilla trekking there are some rules you should follow for the successful trekking as listed below

First of all before heading to the Jungle if you are suspected to be having any infectious disease you are not allowed to go for the trekking because you may spread to these apes.
While heading to Jungle move slowly and maintain your voice at low tone because you may scare these apes and move far from where you were supposed to find them.
Always keep a distance from these apes.
Do not eat in the presence of these apes as you may tempt them to attack you in need of your eatables.
Do not touch on these apes with out permission.
Finally always do not use flush cameras when taking photos of these apes.

Virunga National Park has different habituated Gorilla families for trekking like Kabirizi, Rugendo, Humba, Mapuwa, Lulengo and Munyaga Gorilla family so it’s your choice to choose one of them.

Low Land Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega

Kahuzi Biega National Park is the second Gorilla hosting destination in DR Congo; it is protected and located in the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo near the western bank of Lake Kivu and the Rwanda border. It is commonly known for the Eastern low land Gorillas which are only found here. These Eastern Low land Gorillas are bigger when compared to Mountain Gorillas, brownish in color and usually weigh up to 250 kilograms plus reaching about two meters in height when standing. They are also herbivorous feeding on leaves, stem, foliage and fruits.

To visit Gorillas in DR Congo both Mountain and Low land you must buy a permit which costs $400 USD per person and this money once paid its non refundable unless you have a clear reason presented. This money for the permit is usually paid in advance.

Tanzania Tours & Congo Gorilla Trek

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Discover the real wild side of Africa on an adventure safari; choose an exciting tour that will ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

While the quality of safaris can vary according to what you will be paying, all visitors should expect the best of their safari team, from competent, well-informed guides to well served food and comfortable accommodation.

Remember that many of these multiple safari options are available in the same areas and parks, and that what differ are only the accommodation facilities offered; not the wildlife and the scenery that you will see.

Safaris in Tanzania have something to offer to everyone. Experience the adventure of budget camping or the opulence of luxury camping safaris. Enjoy a truly memorable lodge safari, or take it one step further and go fly camping. Hunting safaris are also possible.

Game drives are the most important part of a wildlife safari in Tanzania.

There are several types of Standard Game Drives, which are listed below. With a tailor-made safari and your own vehicle, you are able to choose the types and durations of the game drives you go on. If you are on a group safari, the types and duration are usually predefined and fixed. On safaris where you fly to the game park or reserve, the game drives are normally set and controlled by the lodge or camp you are staying at. Game drives can be long, hot, dusty and bumpy.

Early Morning Game Drive

An Early Morning Game Drive starts just before dawn at around 6 am and normally finishes by 8:30 am when you return for breakfast. Virtually all lodges and camps will have tea, coffee and biscuits etc. available from around 5:30 am, so you can partake of a little light refreshment before you go.

Morning Game Drive

A Morning Game Drive usually starts after breakfast at around 7:30 am and finishes in time for lunch at around 12:30.

Late Morning Game Drive

A Late Morning Game Drive is usually done in tandem with an Early Morning Game Drive and starts between 10 and 11 am, returning for lunch at around 12:30.

Afternoon Game Drive

An Afternoon Game Drive usually starts around 4 pm, returning before dark between 6 pm and 6:30 pm.

En-Route Game Drive

An en-Route Game Drive usually takes place in the morning or late afternoon and as the name suggests, is performed en-route to a lodge or camp etc. The duration can vary wildly depending upon the journey undertaken, and can even be just the short drive from the lodge or camp to the park exit and vice versa.

All Day Game Drive

All Day Game Drive, as the name suggests, effectively lasts all day and usually a packed lunch is provided. They normally start after breakfast at around 7:30 am and return before dark between 6 pm and 6:30 pm. They are usually done in large parks/reserves where you cover long distances, or in the case of the Ngorongoro Crater, to avoid dual entry fees.

Within the Democratic Republic of Congo, the mountain gorillas are found in Virunga National Park which is also a UNESCO Heritage site. This park is located in the eastern side of democratic Republic of Congo and boarders both Uganda and Rwanda. The park covers an area of 7800 km2 and is home to over 200 gorilla individuals mostly situated in the southern part of the park.

Gorilla trekking in the Virunga national park has some strict rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed by the trackers on their Congo gorilla safari expeditions. These include; group size, the groups to track per day as well as the time allowed spending with the mountain gorillas. This sis also done to ensure the well being of these endangered animals. This is because the gorillas are susceptible to many human diseases due to the great closeness between the humans and the mountain gorilla

Those planning to track mountain gorillas in Virunga national park, you are advised to book with one of the best local tour operators and the Congo gorilla permits costs ($400) per person. The mountain gorillas in Virunga national park can be visited anytime during the year, however some paths are hard to navigate during the wet seasons of (May/April and November & October), in this season, Congo gorilla trekking permits are reduced to ($350) per person.

Gorilla Trekking Safaris in DR Congo

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A gorilla permit in DR Congo costs only 400USD whereas in Rwanda gorilla permits cost $1500. This Congo gorilla safari to Virunga National Park is designed to give our clients a cheaper but unique and perfect opportunity to do gorilla trekking at the great Virunga National Park which has so much to offer. The tour starts from Rwanda before crossing to Goma in DR Congo via Gisenyi. The gorilla trekking in Congo package includes visiting Lake Kivu and touring Kigali.

July to September are by far the driest months in the year. If you are looking at gorillas, this is the best time to track them. In addition, Congo has a raised landscape, an explanation for the cool climate. Nonetheless, if you are considering on coming for a gorilla tracking safari, it is ideally vital to observe and note that putting aside the reduced charges in the low season, the most excellent time to do gorilla tracking is in the two water less seasons of January to February and June to September which becomes much easier also because the gorillas feed in the lowlands.

Virunga National Park makes it perfect for you to track gorillas. Tracking gorillas is an extraordinary experience worthy to be taken because of the existence of the primates in Virunga National Park. These apes are charming, friendly and smart to be amongst. They are sub-divided into relational groups and carry different attributes like say the silver backs that act as the leaders, the fully developed female gorillas as the caretakers and the youthful who are only mischievous and are at all times within the trees.

The time spent while gorilla tracking varies and depends on the assemblage that is tracking, the common location of the gorilla family, the topography and weather to mention but a few. Tracking can take as little as an hour or can even go on longer till 5 hours. While on the hike all the way all the way through the forest, it is recommended that you tag along the leadership of your tour guide.

As you ascend onto the precipitous slopes of the volcanoes and into the jungle, you will need to tow yourself up the sharp paths by holding onto branches, plant roots, bushes, and many others. An on foot stick can also be handy. You are likely to get dehydrated so be sure to take a sufficient amount of water. The trek in to the forest can be exhausting but the meeting with these apes is worth every endeavour. Such an experience makes it ideal and perfect as well as adding value to money.

Congo’s Mission to the U.N. did not return calls

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The locality of Bunagana, border post with Uganda in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, fell Friday at the hands of mutineers of the M23 after fighting against the Congolese army, we learned from the rebels and police source.

“We took Bunagana around 06H00? (0400 GMT), told AFP Lt. Col. Vianney Kazarama, spokesman for the M23 (March 23 Movement), whose mutineers claims “The mutineers have taken control of the entire locality.

All the population as well as the military (Congolese) are in Uganda “, told AFP a police source on the spot. “It’s over, the locality is occupied by the rebels.

We are all crowded here on the Ugandan side, “told an inhabitant of Bunagana. The Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) led an offensive on Thursday against mutineers, but the latter had claimed to have “repulsed” the loyalist forces.

Bunagana is located about 10 km northeast of mutinous positions, grouped since May on several hills in the southeast of the Virunga National Park, border with Uganda and Rwanda, about fifty km flying bird north of Goma, the capital of North Kivu. “We are evacuating the city.

We will leave the M23 police on the spot, “said the spokesman for the mutineers at the end of the morning. Since May, the mutineers, from the former rebellion of the National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP), are grouped in this region and regularly face the FARDC. The last clash before Thursday and Friday took place on June 30 and lasted only one day.

CNDP fighters have been integrated into the army as part of a peace agreement with Kinshasa signed on March 23, 2009, whose M23 calls for full implementation.

A UN expert report said the mutineers were supported by senior Rwandan officials, including Defense Minister General James Kabarebe and Chief of Staff General Charles Kayonga.

which would have brought “direct help” to the creation of the M23, by providing mutineers with “weapons, military supplies and new recruits”.

Kigali has always denied any support for the mutiny and rejected this report. “Our intention is not to conquer spaces, let alone to continue the war (…) We do not ask for new negotiations, we rather demand the respect of the commitments made by the government through the agreement of March 23, 2012? said Friday the M23 in a statement.

This renewed violence in eastern DRC has displaced more than 200,000 people and more than 30,000 refugees in Rwanda and Uganda.

The UN Mission in the DRC (Monusco) has strengthened its positions in recent weeks in Bunagana to fulfill its mandate to protect civilians. Neither the civilian spokesman nor the military spokesman of Monusco were reachable Friday morning.

Discover The Hidden Beauties of Rwanda

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The countries that are getting advertisements for their amazing places include many of countries like France and Australia that are good at lip service.

We agree with them because they let their right to know the world glories they possess but also other interesting and wonderful places you can not find anywhere else among these ones belong Rwanda. In this confined space, there are so many of nature’s secrets that every friend should enjoy nature.

Hard-privileged tourists who sacrifice their time to discover what the land of the Thousand Hills Reserve sacrifices when their journey across this land is terminated they will immediately plan to come back for they were truly surprised to be in such a wonderful place so that they conclude that this is a shining example of new tourist destination, although it was a lesser known place You may have never come or plan to come to this country before, but now give me some time to help you understand why you should consider visiting Rwanda and make it your new holiday destination this country is a small country, though a rich country in questions of flora and fauna.

Allow me to convoke you with these four reasons why you come to Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. This land has a rich history and the aura of mystery – healing from the notorious Rwandan genocide, the Kigali Memorial Center was built to remind citizens and nations of the cost of living.

A Visit to the “Land of a Thousand Wonders” You will experience the mysterious air surrounding it, not from grief, but from a collective consciousness and patriotism of the people who are determined to bring the past behind them to rebuild and rebuild Shaping their country with the motto they will use to remind every citizen of this country how he should behave as a proud Rwandan “learning from the past and our future”.

Rwandan National Parks and Trail – Three stunning parks and a path can be worth it: Akagera National Park, the great game land, Nyungwe National Park, which is Africa’s largest protected mountain rain forest, Volcanoes National Park in the Virunga with its approximately six volcanoes and this place is home to the mountain gorillas something else interesting in this country is the Congo Nile Trail, which connects the western Rwanda corridor.

The upside for a small country is that you can drive over Rwanda in about four hours. These can give you enough time to visit all these parks, even if you are only there for a long weekend.

Full of Wildlife – Have you ever seen any antelope running around in a park nearby? How about hippos or crocodiles in the lake across the city? No, probably not. You will see antelope walk in the Akagera National Park, though.

Hippos and crocodiles are a guaranteed attraction as you watch from the safety of the boat as you cross Akagera’s largest lake, Ihema. Buffalo and giraffes strolling across the countries.

And with over 600 species of birds, Rwanda is a paradise for birds. Oh, what about mountain gorillas? Did I tell you about this human closest relative? The Mountain Gorillas – If you could think of your visit to Rwanda for one reason only, let that be the reason.

The real mountain gorillas are threatened with extinction. It is truly a breathtaking experience and joy in life to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment, which, by the way, feels a little different as you watched their strength and agility outside the usual, modern enclosures.

In addition, There are 13 other species of primates that live in the Nyungwe Forest, which include Angolan Columbus monkeys, owlet-headed monkeys and chimpanzees.

There is a lot of beauty to see in this country just take your time and explore the difference it makes, then your finale will finally be that no land that beats in Rwanda will be beautiful, the people here are too beautiful.

How Close Bonobos are to Humans?

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Scientists who have studied the evolution are seeing millions of years in differences before the first human set off a different path.

Bonobos, however, are considered the “missing link,” which could help us shed the light what happened to that creature who had ruled the earth for another 6 million years.

Bonobos are generally peaceful mammals, and female leader often rules their community. Female bonobos leave their community to rejoin the others, while the male bonobos establish close relationship with his mother.

In an event of conflict, bonobos diffuse it through play and sex. A truly unique characteristic bonobos have cooked to perfection. Aggressions are instantly dissipated and erring bonobos are reunited later on.

Are They Safe? Will They Be Around For The Next Hundred Years?

Scientist and explorers have one unanimous answer. The population is at an alarming rate, which means if we don’t take radical measures to protect them, they won’t be around for so long.

The eradication is primarily attributed to indiscriminate harvesting for food and trade, encroachment by humans to their habitat, massive deforestation for commercial logging and roads, and the increased accessibility to their previously secluded locations.

Bonobos are interesting and intriguing creatures, which gives us one more reason to protect them as much as we could.

See these creatures and get ready to be fascinated. Come to Africa. My staff and I will guarantee that your African tour package will be a memory for a lifetime. To know more about our service, visit our site today.