Gorilla Trekking Safaris in DR Congo

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A gorilla permit in DR Congo costs only 400USD whereas in Rwanda gorilla permits cost $1500. This Congo gorilla safari to Virunga National Park is designed to give our clients a cheaper but unique and perfect opportunity to do gorilla trekking at the great Virunga National Park which has so much to offer. The tour starts from Rwanda before crossing to Goma in DR Congo via Gisenyi. The gorilla trekking in Congo package includes visiting Lake Kivu and touring Kigali.

July to September are by far the driest months in the year. If you are looking at gorillas, this is the best time to track them. In addition, Congo has a raised landscape, an explanation for the cool climate. Nonetheless, if you are considering on coming for a gorilla tracking safari, it is ideally vital to observe and note that putting aside the reduced charges in the low season, the most excellent time to do gorilla tracking is in the two water less seasons of January to February and June to September which becomes much easier also because the gorillas feed in the lowlands.

Virunga National Park makes it perfect for you to track gorillas. Tracking gorillas is an extraordinary experience worthy to be taken because of the existence of the primates in Virunga National Park. These apes are charming, friendly and smart to be amongst. They are sub-divided into relational groups and carry different attributes like say the silver backs that act as the leaders, the fully developed female gorillas as the caretakers and the youthful who are only mischievous and are at all times within the trees.

The time spent while gorilla tracking varies and depends on the assemblage that is tracking, the common location of the gorilla family, the topography and weather to mention but a few. Tracking can take as little as an hour or can even go on longer till 5 hours. While on the hike all the way all the way through the forest, it is recommended that you tag along the leadership of your tour guide.

As you ascend onto the precipitous slopes of the volcanoes and into the jungle, you will need to tow yourself up the sharp paths by holding onto branches, plant roots, bushes, and many others. An on foot stick can also be handy. You are likely to get dehydrated so be sure to take a sufficient amount of water. The trek in to the forest can be exhausting but the meeting with these apes is worth every endeavour. Such an experience makes it ideal and perfect as well as adding value to money.

How to Get to Virunga Park, DR Congo

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There are various ways of getting to Virunga National Park, each of which has a different cost implication with the normal options being road, air and water transports.

The southern sector (Gorillas and Volcano) of Virunga National Park is easily accessible in a number of different ways, the most common being; Overland via Uganda where you cross the border in Bunagana, from where the mountain gorilla sites Jomba and Bikenge are easily accessible within 1 hour.

The border crossing is easy, and a local visa can be bought at the border for only US$50, however this visa is not a fully recognized visa and can only be used to visit the park and subsequently leaving the country at the Bunagana border post again.

Virunga can also be accessed by overland via Rwanda where you cross the border at Gisenyi/Goma, the border crossing is easy if you prearranged a visa.

If not it will be difficult or expensive (US$280 if bought at the border); Guests can also fly into Goma, from within the Democratic Republic of Congo many flights connect to Goma, from outside the DRC, Entebbe is the only city connected by TMK.

Once again make sure you have a prearranged visa. Today tourists visiting the Virunga National Park or Kahuzi Biega National Park for Congo gorilla tours can get the tourist visa through the reliable tour operators like the Eco Tours Congo and this is acquired after you have made the payment of the safari in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Accessing Virunga by road;

Most of DR Congo’s gorilla trekkers fly to Kigali International Airport (in Rwanda) and take the 5 hours’ drive to cross the border at Gisenyi/Goma.

Since some of the international flights arrive to Kigali in the late afternoons and evenings, guests are emphasized to spend the night in Kigali, for such arrivals, because the border doesn’t work 24/7.

After spending the night in one of Kigali’s best hotels, you will then leave the city in the following morning to Goma.

Your tour agency will help you in the process of getting for you a tourist visa that will enable you cross the border to Goma.

On road, it takes 4 hours driving from Kigali city to Gisenyi, the nearest town to Goma, and after crossing the border it takes on only one hour and 30 minutes driving to reach the Virunga Park’s headquarters (Bukima).

For those coming from Uganda it is a bit tiresome to cross as the guest may beg for an overnight stay in Kisoro and then cross to DR Congo in the following morning via Bunagana border and take the 30 minutes’ drive to the Park’s headquarters.

However for you to be hired a 4×4 safari vehicle, you should owe a valid driving permit or else you should order for an experienced driver-guide from your tour company/agency that will have organized your safari.

Driving conditions and standards are well below those in Europe and USA, and traffic accidents are common due to the country’s poor roads, thus it is recommendable for you to order for an experienced driver-guide who has a glance about the bad-conditioned roads.

Roads in Goma are however well maintained but outside Goma and other main cities in Congo, most roads are barely drivable even with the 4×4 vehicles, worse during the rainy season.

Accessing Virunga Park via Air;

Guests can also enter Virunga by air whereby they will land at the Goma International Airport. Though it was affected by the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano in 2002, Goma has acted as the main airport and it was re-developed to boost tourism in the eastern parts of Congo, with the most international airline flying there once ever week being Ethiopian Airlines.

However, guests should take note that return flights have to be got from Rwanda unless when the stay is for 7 days or more. There is also an added tax of US$ 50 for all travelers flying out from Goma.

Some of the important points to consider while accessing Virunga may include;

-Traveling overland can be rough and thus 4×4 safari vehicles are recommendable to use though it is also not advisable to drive at night while crossing the borders to Goma.

-Travelers should also have valid yellow fever vaccinations and confirmed.

-Make sure that all of your paper work is finished in order to satisfy the custom and immigration staff, especially at the quiet borders, which there may be a considerable wait.

Where to Go Lowland Gorillas in Africa

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Gorillas are a unique creature which everyone would wish to visit but there are rarely seen and mostly found in western, Eastern and central part of Africa.

Gorillas are grouped to be ground dwelling apes which are herbivorous in nature feeding on stem, foliage, shoot mostly young bamboo, tree leaves and some fruits.

These apes are divided into species named Mountain gorillas and Lowland gorillas which are further divided into sub species named Eastern lowland gorillas, Western lowland gorillas and more.

Gorillas usually live in group named “Troop” which comprises of both female and male members and always led by the old dominant silver back, they usually live in temporary small huts constructed out of tree branches, leaves and more.

Very interested in seeing the shy endangered Lowland Gorillas here is the only destination in Africa where you can find these species. Democratic Republic of Congo in Central part of the African Continent is where these Lowland Gorillas are residents.

Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the biggest destinations located in the Central part of the African continent bordering Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania in the East, Central African Republic and South Sudan in the North.

In the past this country was known to be with high rate of insecurities caused by rebels but this was resolved by the government of Democratic Republic of Congo and other international peace keeping organizations like United Nations, it is currently more stable and secure hence boosting high rates of Tourism.

As Democratic Republic of Congo’s air transport systems are not in existence you can better access it by landing in Rwanda at Kigali airport and transfer to up to Goma border where you will cross from after clearing with officials at the border but it requires you to apply for Congo visa in advance before you’re traveling dates because it is processed within one week, this visa is a major requirement when you reach borders.

From border you will be transferred by the Virunga Safari jeeps up to your hotel of residence, mostly it’s advised you arrange your safari to Congo with a local tour operator like Eco Tours Uganda as there are more informed and they will help you in booking all this safari logistics which include Visa, accommodation and all transportation with Virunga.

Where to find Lowland Gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo?

In the Central part of the African Continent Lowland Gorillas are only found in Democratic Republic of Congo which has two major destinations most visited named Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park, Lowland Gorilla species in Democratic Republic of Congo are found in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

It’s a protected area near Bukavu town in Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo and it’s also near the western bank of Lake Kivu & Rwanda border, it covers about 6000km2 of Area and rated to be one of the biggest National Parks in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lowland Gorillas are very big and huge when compared to the mountain gorillas, brownish in color with black mouth and tailess; these apes feed on young bamboo shoot, stem, foliage, leaves and some fruits.

They use temporary small huts constructed out of tree branches and leaves for shelter, gorillas live in groups named “Troops” which are always led by the dominant male Silver backs.

Reaching Kahuzi Biega National Park is via Bukavu and activity done is Lowland gorilla trekking safari which involves visiting the jungle in search of these Lowland Gorillas (after a briefing from the park officials about the dos and don’ts while in the presence of these apes) very excited to see them feeding, playing with young ones, laughing and taking photos of them for memories.

You are assigned a park ranger to lead you through the jungle when trekking, after discovering location of these apes in the jungle you are allowed to stay in their presence for only one hour and after that session you vacate the place to give room to these apes such that they can continue with their day to day work.

For an amazing and discoverable Lowland gorilla trekking safari in Africa do not miss out visiting Democratic Republic of Congo which is strategically located in the Central part of the African Continent.

Congo Gorilla Trek & Chimps Habituation

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Welcome to Democratic Republic of Congo. It is one of the best countries to go for gorilla trekking safaris experience.

The country borders Uganda to the west and Rwanda at large and visitors can use the two countries to reach Congo since these are adjacent to one another.

Democratic Republic of Congo is a country of amazing things and it the only country in Africa where visitors can track both the endangered mountain gorilla and the eastern lowland gorillas.

Gorilla trekking in Congo is done in two national parks including Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National park; gorilla tracking permits here are at the lowest price of $400 per individual and per trek.

Virunga National park is located in the western parts of the country and it is comprised of eight volcanoes and one of the best is the Nyiragongo Mountain which is the most active volcano Africa, gorilla trekking in Virunga starts from Bukima patrol post where trekkers find the guides for a briefing before the real trek.

The park is well protected and trekkers are given armed park rangers who escort the trekkers throughout the activity, these explain all the relevant  information to the clients regarding gorilla trekking and conservation and visitors are given a maximum of one hour experiencing  and after visitors are taken back to the park  headquarters to pick their certificates from the management.

Visitors can track also from Kahuzi Biega – National Park, and this is where the eastern lowland gorillas can be tracked from in addition to your trekking, this offers the best experience since visitors who wish to do double gorilla trekking in both of the parks enjoys more.

Getting a chance to compare the lowland gorillas with the mountain gorillas is the most interesting activity here. This sets Congo far apart from the rest of the countries.

Visitors can also enjoy chimpanzee habituation on the same tour since chimpanzee trekking is another activity that is practiced within Tonga forest adjacent to Virunga national park.

Participating in chimpanzee habituation makes your safari a fully packaged and one of the remarkable habituation experiences.

Spending a day with these amazing primates will make your safari an experiential one since you will be full of joy, under this you will see how chimps can genuinely utilize tools and also the male one how they make orders in their families. The different joke made by the young chimps will not leave you sad around the forest.

Supporting Virunga’s Marathon Campaign

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We wanted to share a quick message, to send a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to this year’s marathon campaign. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity, and the way you have rallied together around the world to support Angèle, and Virunga National Park.

We are thrilled that together we have raised a phenomenal £128,000 / $174,000, surpassing, and more than doubling our initial fundraising goal. It is hard to find the right words to express our gratitude, but we are so warmed by the way our community has come together. Thank you all for such kindness.

Funds raised will be going towards the Park’s essential programmes, including supporting the rangers who put their lives at risk to protect Virunga and the communities around it. Angèle’s Virgin Money Giving marathon fundraising page will remain live for a few more days, so there is still time left to make a donation to our London Marathon Campaign.

With a wholehearted thank you from all of us at Virunga National Park.

Leadership Giving – Dian Fossey Fund

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Leadership Giving. It’s Closer Than You Think. As a loyal Fossey Fund supporter, you play a critical role in ensuring that gorilla populations remain stable in the wild. But the impact of your support is even more profound…

When you give, you are actually transforming the landscape of wildlife and biodiversity conservation in places where an investment in conservation is also an investment in a whole country and its people. This is especially true for Fossey Fund’s leadership givers.

That’s why we hope you’ll consider deepening your commitment by joining the Dian Fossey Leadership Circle, an extraordinary community of donors whose annual support totals $1,000 or more.

You don’t have to give a large gift all at once to make a meaningful difference. A monthly gift of less than $100 allows you to make a real impact for the gorillas, biodiversity, and people of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For just $84 per month, would you consider becoming a member of the Dian Fossey Leadership Circle?

Dian’s firm commitment to wildlife preservation is a reminder to all of us of the power of one person’s actions to literally change the world. It is in that same indomitable spirit that we invite you to join the Dian Fossey Leadership Circle today.

Don’t forget – when you set up a monthly gift before May 10th, you’ll help us unlock an additional $50,000 for gorilla conservation! for more information visit GorillaFund.org

Congo Gorilla Trek & Nyiragongo Hike

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Traveling to Congo for gorilla trek and Nyiragongo hiking tours forms part of the greatest never to miss tours due to the amazing features associated with this country, Congo is one of the three countries in Africa where one can find both Mountain and lowland gorillas in her two national parks. Except Uganda and Rwanda, nowhere else in African mountain gorillas can be trekked other than DR. Congo.

Trekking gorilla from Congo requires one to pay a gorilla permit at USD 400 and all the arrangements can be done with tours in Uganda pertaining the safari plans. Visitors are required to be above 15years of age since this activity is a hectic one and therefore. Trekkers starts the activity from Bukima patrol post to those who track mountain gorillas from Virunga national park and every trekking group is led by park rangers who take visitors through all the hiking trails.

Those who are enthusiastic with trekking the lowland gorillas from Kahuzi-Biega national park may also do the same booking with the company for all the arrangements. Kahuzi-Biega National Park is a protected area near Bukavu town in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is situated near the western bank of Lake Kivu and the Rwandan border. Tracking from Kahuzi – Biega national park offers visitors a chance to see over 400 gorilla species and the park has got around nine Gorilla groups but currently two groups are trekked.

After gorilla trekking, visitors may also take up a Nyiragongo hiking package, this is done around the Virunga massif and it forms part of the Albertine rift valley. This volcano is also found within the Virunga national park and its located 20km north of Goma city plus Lake Kivu, the Nyiragongo mountain with its twin sister Nyamulagira volcanoes forms the remaining active volcanic mountains in Africa.

Visiting DR. Congo and you omit visiting Nyiragongo becomes one of the greatest blander on your safaris since this is the best supplementary package after gorillas trekking, this kind of tour can be arranged with Nature Adventure Africa and this may start from Gisenyi in Rwanda crossing to Goma in DR. Congo and Nyiragongo hiking starts from Kibati Ranger post. Hiking starts early in the morning and all visitors are taken through a warm briefing; Mikeno lodge provides all the meals throughout the hike. Hiking rates at USD 300 for adults who are international and these fees includes hiking permit and accommodation within the huts on top of the mountain.

This hike takes around 4-6hours to reach the summit depending on how physically fit the hikers are since climbing starts at an altitude of 1989m and ascends at 3470m, the higher you go the cooler it becomes and therefore one needs to carry rain coats and cold weather gears. Porters are always available to carry the visitor’s luggage to those who are willing to pay a fee of USD 24 for an overnight or USD 12 for just a single day

While at the top, get to enjoy the breath-taking view of the lava and the active volcano, here visitors take time at night to observe how the activities of this active volcano operates as it turns the sky yellowish with fumes through the vent exploding out.

While at the top, the next descending day visitors get a chance of seeing Lake Kivu, Virunga national park plus the Goma city.

Enjoy Congo Gorilla Safari Tours – Africa

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Visiting DR Congo is one of the best safaris to take for any one who would wish to uncover Africa with its natural wonders.

The country is a tourist favorite because of its two major protected areas Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park.

A visit to Bukavu town in the east of Congo leads visitors to the loveliest park with the rare lowland gorillas, this park is known for its natural beauty due to its extinct mountains from which it derives its name, these mountains include Mount Kahuzi and Mount Biega.

This park is one of the largest national parks in DR. Congo with 6000km² of land mostly being lowland.

Leaving Congo without visiting this park without experiencing its major tourist attractions becomes one of the greatest mistake, this offers a combined safari as visitors combine both the lowland and mountain gorillas

Lowland gorilla tracking versus mountain gorillas

Kahuzi-Biega national park is considered to be the best park for lowland gorillas with almost the largest number of them in Africa and this has made it one of the top attractions for lowland gorilla tours in Congo, Africa.

The park contains two eastern lowland gorillas’ families and these have been habituated for tracking, merging this tour makes it a lifetime experience to the visitors within the country.

However, after this amazing tour at Kahuzi, one can take off to the Virunga national park for mountain gorilla tracking.

Here visitors pay USD 400 for a gorilla permit and the fact is that mountain gorillas are found on high altitude since they live in mountainous areas.

This is done under the guidance of the park rangers who take visitors through the information regarding the gorillas and the park at large.

These gorillas are considered having almost 98% DNA with those of human beings and therefore the way they behave amuses all the visitors to the park, the silver back is the giant male and the head of the group.

Volcano Hiking

Volcanic hiking can be dine from these two national parks, one can decide to hike the Nyiragongo Mountain which cost USD300 for an adult international visitor, and the activity can take two days of trekking, booking packed food from Mikeno lodge goes at USD80 all these rates are for per person.

Visitors are also encouraged to move with jackets, sleeping bags, rain resistant pants and trousers and sweaters since temperatures at the top of the mountain is too cold.

This is the best place to visit since this is the remaining active volcanic mountain in Africa that constantly emit fumes high into the sky hence at night making the sky turns its colors to yellowish.

Also to note is the hike that can be made from Kahuzi- Biega national park, the park is occupied by these two extinct volcanic mountains, Mount Kahuzi is 3308 meters above the sea level and mount Biega is 2790m.

The summit of these two volcanoes offers visitors with a stunning view of the surrounding areas and within the park plus the wildlife that rotates around their territories.

Birds and monkeys are also encountered on the hike including a spectacular view of Lake Kivu. Porters are available at a cost of USD 24 and they can carry luggage of around 15kgs.

Kahuzi- Biega has got over 342 bird species and out of these, 42 are said to be endemic to the park.

This is a haven for birders who visit the place for research and stress killing, African green broad bill, Congo peafowl and yellow created helmet-shrike are among the birds seen around the park.

Visitors to the park cannot leave the same as they came due to the sweetest sounds of birds that are nice to be listened as one goes through trees.

Chimpanzee tracking, this is an amazing activity and its performed in Tongo forest adjacent to the Virunga mountain national park, visitors depart from Mikeno lodge at a fee of USDS100 per person.

For real the only difference chimpanzees have got from that of human being is that they are primates and human beings are mammals but all other deed are similar.

Taking up chimpanzee trekking activity will make wonder whether these primates were trained to imitate human beings but it’s not the case.

Besides tracking, habituation can be done where the visitors may participate in a number of activities including feeding them. The way these chimp’s mock individuals surprise every one with almost similar characters with those of a human being.

Nature Walks

These can be taken up from Kahuzi- Biega national park due to its tropical thick rain forests, Tshibiti waterfall trail that connects to other waterfalls is one of the most visited trail within the park.

On the way, visitors are able to see a number of tree species and the various birds and wildlife that occupies the park’s land hence giving a clear opportunity for those who always move with cameras to take photos from the different angles as rangers give protection to all.

Accommodation in these two parks

Lodges and hotels surround these parks and they offer both high quality food and bed services. Some of the noted include Lodge coco lodge and L’Orchids safari club. Both high end and low budget all found near Kahuzi Biega National park.

Mikeno Lodge, Bukima Tented Camp, Tchegera Tented Camp. Kibumba Tented Camp and Nyiragongo Volcanic Summit Shelters in Virunga National park.

Luxury Gorilla Safari Lodges in DR Congo

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A trip to Virunga affords the traveler the opportunity to see some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife, in a stunning landscape, seen by relatively few people.

With some wonderful accommodations available, providing luxurious bases and organized excursions, the time to visit this gem of a national park is now.

Visit Virunga National Park for gorilla trekking tours. It offers stays at Mikeno Lodge, Bukima Tented Camp, Tchegera Island Camp, Lulimbi Tented Camp.

Mikeno Lodge

Mikeno Lodge is a luxurious lodge set into a forested hillside at Virunga National Park Headquarters and the perfect base for visiting mountain gorilla safaris in Congo or climbing a volcano.

The Mikeno Lodge is a 90 minute drive from Goma and offers large bungalows and a good restaurant. The lodge and restaurant are located within a forest and offer beautiful views of the rift valley and Nyiragongo and Mikeno volcanoes.

Nature walks and visits to local places of interest can be arranged. There is an abundance of bird life, as well as resident blue monkeys, Colobus monkeys, and baboons. Chimpanzees are also frequent visitors to the area.

Whether your stay is the starting point for gorilla, volcano, and chimp adventures, or purely for a relaxing time-out in a peaceful location, Mikeno Lodge provides an exceptional experience among the wildlife and beauty of Virunga National Park.

Accommodation and facilities

Mikeno Lodge offers twelve unique bungalows; each have stunning views into the surrounding forest. Fashioned with lava stone, mahogany and thatch the bungalows are nestled amidst the thick forest greenery and reaching trees.

Comprised of a comfortable lounging area and fireplace to ward off the crisp evening air, the spacious bungalows enjoy en-suite bathrooms with stone carved baths and curved stone showers.

The decor merges Congolese ethnicity and classic simplicity with patterned rugs, soft tones and sleek wooden furniture; whilst the private deck allows guests to enjoy the performance of the Blue and Colobus monkeys in the forest. Enjoyed beneath the thatched Boma at the main lodge, dining is delicious and flavour some.

Mikeno lodge costs per day include accommodation prices for breakfast,
lunch, dinner, and 16% Gov’t VAT but the price excludes transportation costs.

Single person USD 316

Double occupancy USD 450

Bukima Tented Camp

Just outside the boundaries of Virunga National Park lays the Bukima Tented Camp, one of the main starting points in Virunga mountain gorilla treks. The camp was originally built for researchers, but is now used primarily by trekkers.

As the name suggests, overnight guests at Bukima sleep in platform tents, but by camping standards they are quite plush. Each tent features an adjoining bathroom with running water and a nicely appointed bed and dresser for clothes.

The views from the tent sites or anywhere in camp for that matter – are spectacular. To the south, the view is dominated by Mt. Mikeno, whose summit towers over the gorilla sector. Across the valley is Nyiragongo volcano, whose lava lake colours the night sky with a red glow.

Prices for the camp include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alcoholic beverages are available for an additional charge. Of the six tents, four feature double beds and two are outfitted with twin beds.

Bukima Tented Camp cost per day and accommodation prices include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 16% Gov’t VAT but the excludes transportation costs

Single: $316

Double occupancy: $450

Tchegera Island Camp

Tchegera Island Camp is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of Goma or to relax after climbing Nyiragongo volcano.

Situated off the northern shore of Lake Kivu, Tchegera camp offers spectacular views of the lake and four volcanoes. On clear nights, Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira volcanoes add to the drama by turning the night sky red with their glowing lava.

There is also an abundance of bird life on the island, including African eagles, cormorants, herons and gulls.

Whether one chooses to relax on the beach or explore other parts of the island in a sea kayak or by paddle board, Tchegera is the perfect place for rest and relaxation.

Tchegera Island Tented Camp

Permit, round trip ground/boat transport from Goma: $100 per person

Single with all meals: $160 per night, per person

Double with all meals: $216 per night, per person

Double w/ twin beds with all meals: $216 per night, per person

Accommodation prices include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 16% Gov’t VAT

Lulimbi Tented Camp

Lulimbi is located in the heart of Virunga and is home to a large percentage of the park’s elephants and hippos. Buffalo, warthogs, giant forest hogs, Topi, Ugandan Kob, crocodiles, and a wide variety of bird life also abound.

Lulimbi lies in the Ishasha Valley, on the eastern edge of the park’s Central Sector. In striking contrast with the volcanoes and gorillas of the south, this beautiful area is dominated by savannah plains, through which the Ishasha River cuts its way.

The Lulimbi Tented Camp is nestled into the shoreline of the Ishasha River, which winds through Virunga’s vast savannah plains.

Lulimbi is the first such camp in this area of the park and was created for two main reasons: to showcase Virunga’s spectacular savannah wildlife and to give visitors the chance to actively participate in conservation.

The nature experience in Lulimbi starts at the steps of one’s tent. Hippos wallow away their days in the Ishasha River, which is just meters away.

Nearby, elephants can be seen wandering slowly through the bush. This gorgeous nature scene is closely watched by Virunga’s rangers, who welcome the participation of guests on their monitoring patrols.

Under the guidance of the rangers, guest will participate in wildlife counts, visual health checks of the various species, and learn about the history of the park and the challenges the future presents.

The camp is made up of eight canvas tents, each with running water, flush toilets and solar showers. Although relatively simple, these are comfortable and well equipped.

The tents all face the Ishasha River, with private verandas perfectly positioned to watch a nearby pod of hippos.

The Lulimbi Tented Camp consists of 10 private tents: 4 with two twin beds, 4 with double beds, and 2 set up with three twin beds. Each tent features an en suite bathroom with hot showers and other standard amenities.

The dining tent features a full restaurant and bar service. After meals, guest can retire to the well-appointed lounge tent. The lounge tent features a full bar and is the perfect place to relax and take in the natural world just outside the netting.

While at Lulimbi Tented Camp, visitors can take part in the following activities: elephant monitoring with rangers, chimpanzee habituation walks, birding, game drives, Lake Edward boat excursions, tilapia fishing, visits to the Nyakakoma fishing village.

Prices for the camp include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alcoholic beverages are available for an additional charge. Of the six tents, four feature double beds and two are outfitted with twin beds.

Lulimbi Tented Camp cost per day

Single occupancy: $340

Double occupancy: $450

Triple occupancy: $760

A $40 permit must also be purchased upon arrival

Accommodation prices include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 16% Gov’t VAT

Passion Gorilla Photo Safaris in Africa

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Are you passionate about wildlife in Africa? If you enjoy travel, wildlife and photography, this might be the career for you.

As the name implies, wildlife photographers capture photographs and videos of wild animals. Mountain gorilla trekking safaris has become sought after among adventurers and passionate wildlife travelers.

Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC offer not only safe and secure gorilla trekking, but also play host to a variety of other indigenous wildlife encounters and attractions, such as chimpanzee and golden monkey tracking, birding, and unique fauna and flora viewing.  Hike Nyiragongo, DRC’s active volcano or scale the Mountains of the Moon.

Passion gorilla photo safari includes a thrilling visit with the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda; Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park, multiple game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park with its wide array of wildlife, including the famous tree climbing lions, and a visit to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary on beautiful Lake Victoria.

This gorilla photo safari to Uganda, staying in three different locations and visiting its most beautiful and wildlife-rich parks experiencing the country’s wonderful wildlife, lush scenery and thronging bird life, with the highlight being the chance to track chimpanzees and the country’s famous mountain gorillas.

The first destination on this gorilla photo safari trip is the beautiful Kibale Forest. The drive here is fabulous, passing through tea plantations and the lush green countryside which characterizes much of Uganda.

Once here, you’ll have the chance to track chimps, accompanied by an experienced ranger, as well as spotting the 12 other primate species that live here, incredible bird life and possibly even a herd of forest dwelling elephants. You can have your dinner and overnight stay at Kibale Forest Camp.

Chimpanzee Tracking and swamp walk in Bigodi Forest boasts the highest number of primate species in the world, including our delightful cousins, the chimpanzees.

Today, in Uganda, there are approximately 5,000 chimpanzees left in the wild, which makes it a perfect place to spot them.

The experienced ranger takes you chimp tracking in the morning or afternoon; in the meantime, showing you the many monkey species that live in this tropical forest.

A wonderful jungle trip is the result, finishing in an hour of eye to eye contact with the chimps. Your swamp walk between 2-3 hours will take you through grassland, small communities and some beautiful scenery, where the locals are likely to greet you with enthusiastic waves.

It is usual to spot 3 or 4 different primate species during this walk, though the highlight is catching a glimpse of the Great Blue Turaco.

We transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park a wildlife biodiversity and the most astonishing with 95 types of mammals and 612 different birds.

The Kazinga Channel alone is said to contain the world’s largest concentration of hippos. Other wildlife includes lion, warthogs, buffalo, rare aquatic sitatunga antelope, giant forest hog, Uganda Kob, Topi, water buck, elephant and leopard.

You should request a wake up at 5.30-6.00 am for the early morning game drive which is usually the most rewarding. Tea and coffee in the Lodge’s reception area is served to refresh you before you depart. The dinner and overnight can be spent at Mweya Safari Lodge.

Wildlife on the North Kazinga plains closest to the Lodge includes elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, water buck, bush buck and warthog.

Another common-but unexpected-sighting in this area is the Giant Forest Hog, Africa’s largest pig, which is usually associated with dense forests rather than semi-open thickets. The 36km Kazinga Channel connects two Rift Valley lakes: Edward and George.

These are named after Queen Victoria’s son and heir, Edward VII and his own successor, George. The Sunbird seats ten passengers in comfort or for the ultimate in luxury enjoy refreshments and canopies aboard the Kingfisher, which seats twelve. Both launches have experienced guides and crew, with all the necessary safety equipment.

Today you can spend the day enjoying game drives in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park spreads over 1,978 sq. km in the western arm of the Great Rift Valley and is home to a wide variety of wildlife including elephants, leopard, lions, hippos, buffalo, Uganda Kob, baboon, and many species of birds.

With both a Riverine and savannah habitat, the park includes the southern Ishasha area with the massive Maramagambo, one of the largest surviving natural forests in Uganda. Overnight at Ishasha Wilderness Camp

The morning leads us out of Queen Elizabeth (Ishasha) heading to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The park contains almost one half of the world’s population of the endangered Mountain Gorilla, making it an extremely valuable conservation site.

Bwindi is also home to several endangered bird species with very limited ranges, and acts as an important catchment area for many rivers, supplying water for agriculture in the surrounding region. Dinner and overnight can be spent at Buhoma Lodge.

Following breakfast at the lodge, you travel to park Headquarters to meet your guides for the day’s activity and begin your gorilla tracking experience in the Bwindi forest.

Experienced guides and trackers will accompany your party on an early morning trek into the dense rain forest on the mountain slopes.

The journey, through dense foliage and up steep climbs, is abundantly rewarded with the lifetime experience of viewing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

You will have an opportunity to be within meters of these magnificent apes, sharing in their daily lives and experiencing their day to-day activities.

Mountain gorillas are extremely rare with only an estimated 850 remaining in the wild. This is an experience you won’t soon forget! Following the trek, return to your accommodation and, if time allows, take a guided afternoon forest or community walk.

Please note: tracking may be fairly strenuous with treks up to 8hours, at high altitudes, not uncommon. Also, mountain gorillas are wild animals and, as such, sightings cannot be guaranteed. However, viewing success rates are over 90%.

In the evening, have a cultural walk and interact with the local people. Participate in captivating traditional performances presented by Women’s groups or orphan children groups.

Note that the fees you pay for these performances go directly to improve the welfare of families around the park. Overnight: Buhoma Lodge for your dinner and overnight.

After breakfast, you will drive back to Entebbe with a lunch stop at the Equator crossing. Proceed to Entebbe at Karibu Guest House.

A visit to the Island of the chimpanzees, in the morning you will depart from Entebbe for a close encounter with our relatives.

After a pleasant boat ride you will reach Ngamba Island, where you will be directed to the visitors centre to learn more about the chimps and their lifestyle.

You will be able to view and photograph these fascinating apes in their natural environment from only a few metres away. In the afternoon you will take a boat ride back to Entebbe Airport for your flight back home.