How to Access Mikeno Lodge

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Mikeno Lodge offers accommodation of 12 unique bungalows. It is a luxurious facility tucked deep in Africa’s oldest most diverse national park, Virunga National Park.

The park is famous for its astonishing inhabitants, the endangered mountain gorillas, which annually attract mammoth number of tourists from all over the globe.

Many tourists and travelers enjoy spending their time with these great apes which are only found in three countries and four national parks, including Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park.

However, due to some instability in Virunga National Park, tourists have been restricted from visiting this Park until further notice. Good news is that the park is now reopened for visitors but not it entirely.

In fact, Mikeno Lodge is the only secure accommodation in the park and it’s only this lodge that will arrange for you the gorilla expeditions in the only authorized region of the Park to trek from.

Booking through a trusted tour operator, your tour operator will contact Mikeno Lodge instantly after sending in your invoice.

Therefore, trips to take include the Le Petit Mikeno with the mountain gorilla trekking experience in Democratic Republic of Congo, Virunga, is the cheapest and so unique; in that you will also have a great opportunity of visiting the orphan gorillas in the world’s only Mountain Gorilla Orphanage – the Senkwekwe Centre, just a stone’s throw away from the luxurious Mikeno Lodge.

The lodge’s beauty is aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye; fashioned with lava stone and mahogany. All its 12 bungalows offer commanding views of the surrounding forest and the eye-catching Virunga Volcanoes.

Meanwhile, below is how you can access the Mikeno Lodge ahead of your gorilla excursions in DR Congo’s Virunga National Park.

Accessibility of Mikeno Lodge:

The lodge is distanced only a one hour’s drive from Goma, making it easier to be accessed from Goma. However, within DR Congo you can fly into the Goma Airport with TMK Air Commuter, Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation, Wimbi Dira Airways, and Hewa Bora Airways.

Outside of DR Congo, you can fly into Kigali, Rwanda, with Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air Ugandan, Lufthansa Airlines, and RwandAir Express.

In your hired private car, from your trusted tour operator, you will drive from Kigali to Gisenyi/Goma which takes almost 3 hours.

Then from Goma, you will further drive for an hour to access the prestigious Mikeno Lodge. Immediately after arriving at the lodge, you will be given a warm welcome from the very delightful and friendly staff of the lodge.

The beauty of Virunga will start revealing to you from the lodge and you will spot very many bird species and animals while having a sun downer, such as the different monkey species that you will see playing from tree to tree – what a way to start off your stay at the lodge!!!

More so, traveling in a private vehicle is quicker and more convenient on any African trip than in the public transport.

Therefore, you are advised to book/hire a private car from your trusted tour operator that you will use for transportation and this will give you a lot of independence and flexibility while on a trip.

There are very many types of vehicles offered and the rates of course vary according to the car type you want to take.

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