How Close Bonobos are to Humans?

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Scientists who have studied the evolution are seeing millions of years in differences before the first human set off a different path.

Bonobos, however, are considered the “missing link,” which could help us shed the light what happened to that creature who had ruled the earth for another 6 million years.

Bonobos are generally peaceful mammals, and female leader often rules their community. Female bonobos leave their community to rejoin the others, while the male bonobos establish close relationship with his mother.

In an event of conflict, bonobos diffuse it through play and sex. A truly unique characteristic bonobos have cooked to perfection. Aggressions are instantly dissipated and erring bonobos are reunited later on.

Are They Safe? Will They Be Around For The Next Hundred Years?

Scientist and explorers have one unanimous answer. The population is at an alarming rate, which means if we don’t take radical measures to protect them, they won’t be around for so long.

The eradication is primarily attributed to indiscriminate harvesting for food and trade, encroachment by humans to their habitat, massive deforestation for commercial logging and roads, and the increased accessibility to their previously secluded locations.

Bonobos are interesting and intriguing creatures, which gives us one more reason to protect them as much as we could.

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