Discover The Hidden Beauties of Rwanda

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The countries that are getting advertisements for their amazing places include many of countries like France and Australia that are good at lip service.

We agree with them because they let their right to know the world glories they possess but also other interesting and wonderful places you can not find anywhere else among these ones belong Rwanda. In this confined space, there are so many of nature’s secrets that every friend should enjoy nature.

Hard-privileged tourists who sacrifice their time to discover what the land of the Thousand Hills Reserve sacrifices when their journey across this land is terminated they will immediately plan to come back for they were truly surprised to be in such a wonderful place so that they conclude that this is a shining example of new tourist destination, although it was a lesser known place You may have never come or plan to come to this country before, but now give me some time to help you understand why you should consider visiting Rwanda and make it your new holiday destination this country is a small country, though a rich country in questions of flora and fauna.

Allow me to convoke you with these four reasons why you come to Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. This land has a rich history and the aura of mystery – healing from the notorious Rwandan genocide, the Kigali Memorial Center was built to remind citizens and nations of the cost of living.

A Visit to the “Land of a Thousand Wonders” You will experience the mysterious air surrounding it, not from grief, but from a collective consciousness and patriotism of the people who are determined to bring the past behind them to rebuild and rebuild Shaping their country with the motto they will use to remind every citizen of this country how he should behave as a proud Rwandan “learning from the past and our future”.

Rwandan National Parks and Trail – Three stunning parks and a path can be worth it: Akagera National Park, the great game land, Nyungwe National Park, which is Africa’s largest protected mountain rain forest, Volcanoes National Park in the Virunga with its approximately six volcanoes and this place is home to the mountain gorillas something else interesting in this country is the Congo Nile Trail, which connects the western Rwanda corridor.

The upside for a small country is that you can drive over Rwanda in about four hours. These can give you enough time to visit all these parks, even if you are only there for a long weekend.

Full of Wildlife – Have you ever seen any antelope running around in a park nearby? How about hippos or crocodiles in the lake across the city? No, probably not. You will see antelope walk in the Akagera National Park, though.

Hippos and crocodiles are a guaranteed attraction as you watch from the safety of the boat as you cross Akagera’s largest lake, Ihema. Buffalo and giraffes strolling across the countries.

And with over 600 species of birds, Rwanda is a paradise for birds. Oh, what about mountain gorillas? Did I tell you about this human closest relative? The Mountain Gorillas – If you could think of your visit to Rwanda for one reason only, let that be the reason.

The real mountain gorillas are threatened with extinction. It is truly a breathtaking experience and joy in life to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment, which, by the way, feels a little different as you watched their strength and agility outside the usual, modern enclosures.

In addition, There are 13 other species of primates that live in the Nyungwe Forest, which include Angolan Columbus monkeys, owlet-headed monkeys and chimpanzees.

There is a lot of beauty to see in this country just take your time and explore the difference it makes, then your finale will finally be that no land that beats in Rwanda will be beautiful, the people here are too beautiful.

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