Congo Gorilla Trek & Nyiragongo Hike

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Traveling to Congo for gorilla trek and Nyiragongo hiking tours forms part of the greatest never to miss tours due to the amazing features associated with this country, Congo is one of the three countries in Africa where one can find both Mountain and lowland gorillas in her two national parks. Except Uganda and Rwanda, nowhere else in African mountain gorillas can be trekked other than DR. Congo.

Trekking gorilla from Congo requires one to pay a gorilla permit at USD 400 and all the arrangements can be done with tours in Uganda pertaining the safari plans. Visitors are required to be above 15years of age since this activity is a hectic one and therefore. Trekkers starts the activity from Bukima patrol post to those who track mountain gorillas from Virunga national park and every trekking group is led by park rangers who take visitors through all the hiking trails.

Those who are enthusiastic with trekking the lowland gorillas from Kahuzi-Biega national park may also do the same booking with the company for all the arrangements. Kahuzi-Biega National Park is a protected area near Bukavu town in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is situated near the western bank of Lake Kivu and the Rwandan border. Tracking from Kahuzi – Biega national park offers visitors a chance to see over 400 gorilla species and the park has got around nine Gorilla groups but currently two groups are trekked.

After gorilla trekking, visitors may also take up a Nyiragongo hiking package, this is done around the Virunga massif and it forms part of the Albertine rift valley. This volcano is also found within the Virunga national park and its located 20km north of Goma city plus Lake Kivu, the Nyiragongo mountain with its twin sister Nyamulagira volcanoes forms the remaining active volcanic mountains in Africa.

Visiting DR. Congo and you omit visiting Nyiragongo becomes one of the greatest blander on your safaris since this is the best supplementary package after gorillas trekking, this kind of tour can be arranged with Nature Adventure Africa and this may start from Gisenyi in Rwanda crossing to Goma in DR. Congo and Nyiragongo hiking starts from Kibati Ranger post. Hiking starts early in the morning and all visitors are taken through a warm briefing; Mikeno lodge provides all the meals throughout the hike. Hiking rates at USD 300 for adults who are international and these fees includes hiking permit and accommodation within the huts on top of the mountain.

This hike takes around 4-6hours to reach the summit depending on how physically fit the hikers are since climbing starts at an altitude of 1989m and ascends at 3470m, the higher you go the cooler it becomes and therefore one needs to carry rain coats and cold weather gears. Porters are always available to carry the visitor’s luggage to those who are willing to pay a fee of USD 24 for an overnight or USD 12 for just a single day

While at the top, get to enjoy the breath-taking view of the lava and the active volcano, here visitors take time at night to observe how the activities of this active volcano operates as it turns the sky yellowish with fumes through the vent exploding out.

While at the top, the next descending day visitors get a chance of seeing Lake Kivu, Virunga national park plus the Goma city.

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