Top Tourist Things to Do in Goma, DR Congo

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Goma is a city found in Democratic Republic of Congo and there are many attractive things which you can explore and enjoy their display plus their inhabitants.

The top things you can do in Goma are; to visit Virunga National Park, visit Nyiragongo volcano and then take a visit to Lake Kivu.

Virunga National Park plays host to the world’s rare endangered mountain gorillas and this draws several tourists to Democratic Republic of Congo.

The park inhabits over 200 mountain gorillas which are adventured through shifts of 8 individuals per group per day and the Congo gorilla safaris start at 08:30am after being briefed at 07:00am at the head offices of the Park.

It is to be noticed that viewing the gorillas you must keep at least a distance of 8 meters away from them and you should also spend strictly one hour with the gorillas.

Keeping a distance of 8 meters is due to personal security because though the gorillas are habituated, but the fact is that they are wild and also this is done too to avoid and prevent the easy spread of diseases to the primates since they catch human diseases.

This was the first African park to be put in place and it is the only place in central Africa where you can find the mountain gorillas however other gorillas are further found in East Africa in Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park) and in Volcanoes National Park found in Northwestern parts of Rwanda.

Those are the only places in the whole world where you can find the mountain gorillas but what makes Virunga the finest place for gorilla tours is that, it is the cheapest of all.

A gorilla permit in Democratic Republic of Congo costs US$ 400, in Uganda it costs US$ 600 and in Rwanda it can cost US$ 1050 if you are to visit more than one park in Rwanda or it can also cost US$ 1275 if you are to first have a conference in Rwanda and then visit Volcanoes National Park however the actual amount for the gorilla permit in Rwanda is US$ 1500 if you are to specifically visit Volcanoes National Park without addition of another park or without having a conference  you are to detain in Rwanda.

This all makes Virunga the most affordable and cheapest Park in the whole world ideal for gorilla tours.

Other things to see in Virunga National Park include; elephants, giraffes, low-land gorillas, chimpanzees, Okapi, buffaloes along with interacting with the Bambuti pygmy people. Best shelters in the Park include Bukima tented camp, Mikeno lodge and Lulimbi tented camp.

A visit to Nyiragongo Volcano:

This is one of the most enjoyable creatures within Goma and it should be an added tour after visiting Virunga national thus making your tour a complete one.

Hiking Nyiragongo is the best experience you will ever achieve while at the volcano and Goma. Hiking of Nyiragongo volcano takes two days and reaching the summit of the volcano you will enjoy many things from there including the amazing magma at the summit.

The hiking takes 5 to 7 hours and it doesn’t require you to carry the camping tents because at the Mountain, there is a good shelter known as the Nyiragongo volcano summit shelters where you will rest from and talk about the highlights of your hiking.

However, due to the much coldness at the summit of Nyiragongo, you are reminded to carry heavy clothes like coats, sweaters, rain coats and carry as many clothes as you can instead of carrying one or two clothes.

You are also emphasized to hike with enough water and snacks plus food too or hike with your personal cook whom you will have to pay on agreed price.

A visit to Lake Kivu:

Lake Kivu lies on the borders of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo though almost 57% of the Lake lies in Congo. The Lake borders Virunga national park which is situated on Lake Kivu’s shores thus offering a holiday to Virunga national park’s tourists after doing the challenging activities there.

At Lake Kivu you will enjoy the extraction of methane which is done at the Lake and also get involved in boat cruises whereby through boat cruises you will see the crocodiles, hippos and aquatic birds.

At the Lake you will find fisher men while fishing thus giving you a chance of finding some of the fish species caught from Lake Kivu.

A visit to Tchegera Island:

While in Goma, you can also visit Tchegera Island and associate with the local people who live at the Island.

These people will tell you their good things they have achieved from the Island and on the other side, they will still tell you their remedies and problems they face most while at the Island of which some of the problems they face will include low market for the fish caught and diseases like HIV/AIDS which is greatly finishing them.

They will also tell you many other problems like poor facilities such as hospitals and schools however you will also find out the most activities which support the standards of living of the local people and other activities/jobs too. The Island consists of good accommodation for its visitors such as Tchegera Island tented camp.

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